Get Over Yourself


-Yvonne Gold

I have a friend who was abused as a child and ended up spending time in an orphanage.  She turned out great.  She is one of the most positive and upbeat people I know.  She told me once that she has no patience for people who whine about their circumstances, and if you do so in her presence, she might just say, “Good grief, get over yourself”.  That is her way of letting you know it is time to stop thinking about yourself and expand your view.  Start thinking about others.  My friend has two children, she has written a book, and she is on the road much of the time, raising money for the children’s’ home where she once resided.  She is a very busy lady.

If you are a senior living alone, getting grumpy, refusing to socialize, feeling as if you are too old, too tired, and not good for much anymore – I say GET OVER YOURSELF!  A friend told me about a funeral she attended – an elderly gentleman in her church passed away.  He had been chronically ill and was home bound.  An attendee at the funeral stood up and spoke about the elderly man.  The speaker was a young man who had been incarcerated.  The elder gentleman had written him a letter, introducing himself, and thereafter, other letters followed on a regular basis.  The young man began to look forward to the  arrival of each letter, and he took the words of the old man to heart.  Those words changed his life.  Elderly, frail, house-bound….if anyone had an excuse to do nothing, it was the old man; however, he chose rather to do what he could – he could still write, and he did.  As a result, someone’s life was changed forever.

Get over yourself.  Don’t use excuses.  Do what you can, when you can, and where you can.  You might make a bigger difference in this world than you can imagine.

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